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“Everything tastes better with 12 hours of sunlight, right under the equatorial line, and an altitude of 2.500 mts above sea level! All our agricultural products have a high concentration of oligoelements that gives them a special aroma, taste and appearance, which makes them well recognized internationally."

"Our herbs give us distinctive tastes, our cocoa makes a spectacular chocolate and our coffee smells and taste incredible. We invite you to request a free shipping of our products. So that, you can be your own judge of the quality of our products. Also you can know about our commitment of providing the product on time, and the value service to deliver this products on your doorstep as you require them."

Trust in Leaf

You deserve a supplier that works with you to obtain the best commodities, the guarantee of the best quality and the best price in the market.

About Us

Leaf Just Fresh is an Ecuadorian company that has been exporting fresh agricultural commodities since 2009 to USA, Canada and Europe. We can provide "food safe", eco conscious and fairly traded products because we work with communities and private companies that follow rigorous process with different official quality certificates.

Our products
Fine herbs

Aromatic herbs are highly coveted in the culinary

field because they make it possible to obtain

diversity of flavors and allows a variety

of ways to prepare food.



Cocoa is a tree native to the American continent,

which generates a fruit of the same name.

This can be used in various fields being

the most prominent food the Chocolate.



Ecuador is one of the few countries in the world to

exports all varieties of coffee: Arabic (washing and

Natural) and Robusta. In addition, its geographical

location allows to produce one of the best coffee in

South America and the most demanded coffee in Europe.


It is a variety of chicory and very appreciated in the

gastronomy. It is cultivated mainly in Italy. It can be

eaten raw (salads) or cooked as an integral

part of various dishes, as well as infusions.



Where our products come from

Our agricultural products are internationally recognized because each of them has a high concentration of trace elements. The trace elements are those that determine the characteristics of agricultural products such as aroma, flavor, color, among others.


All our products receive more than 12 hours of direct sunlight because our farms are located on the equatorial line. Our products are distributed throughout Ecuador with heights from sea level up to 2500 masl in the Andes Mountains and in the middle of pure and healthy environments. That is why our products taste better.


These geographical conditions are not repeated in any other part of the world, making the quality of our agricultural products are blessed by nature. For these reasons, our coffee smells better, our cocoa can produce a spectacular chocolate, our herbs have distinctive flavors and our teas are exquisite and exotic.


We invite you to request a free sample of our products, so you can taste and qualify our products and services; These toguether with door-to-door deliveries under the conditions that you require adds high value to what we represent.


"An excellent product at the best price on the market"

Dimitri Vlaminck

"The best standard of quality"

Tsu-Ling Wang

"Very good people with excelent services"

Micheal Dyer

Contact Us

Main office

De las Begonias 114 y Giovanni Belini,

CP: 170157, Quito-Ecuador

Phone: +(593) 996 172061 /

+(593) 984 860647

Email: sales1@leafjustfresh.com, zadquiel@leafjustfresh.com, felipe@leafjustfresh.com

Cacao Operations Center

Pasaje, El Oro - Ecuador

Phone: +(593) 991 948196

Email: felipe@leafjustfresh.com


Branch office USA

Minneapolis Minnesota

Phone: +(004) 5780134

Email: gabriel@leafjustfresh.com


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